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Refrigerate foods 24 hours a day, seven days a week !

Ideal for continuous use or emergency use.

Keeps medicines refrigerated !

Keep foods from spoiling during a power failure or other types of natural disasters.

Never receive an electric bill for operating this refrigerator.

Improve your energy budget !

You can't do anything about your gasoline bill. So why not ELIMINATE your second refrigerators bill and apply the savings toward buying gasoline !

Price Guaranty !

We will beat any dealer's nationally advertised price on an identical system !!

Ultra High Efficiency Design  

The compressor condenser unit used in our refrigerators use less energy than a single automotive headlight !

Unlike conventional upright refrigerators that dump the cold out every time you open the door. The chest design used in our solar powered refrigerators keeps the cold where you want it , in the refrigerator !

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Welcome to Solar Fridge 

America's leading specialist in solar powered refrigeration units !

Do you have a second refrigerator or freezer tucked away in your garage ?

Did you know that a second older refrigerator or freezer can account for up to 25% of your monthly electric bill !!!!

That can translate in up to $280.00 per year in operating cost !

Having that second refrigerator or freezer may be convenient but is it worth up to $280.00 a year to operate ?

Why not replace that old clunker with a new high tech refrigerator or freezer that runs off of free energy from the Sun !

High efficiency solar refrigerators and freezers Operates completely from the Sun's energy reducing
  your monthly electric bill !

Operates during a power failure. No more spoiled food !

Operates 24 hours per day seven days a week just
  like your energy hogging refrigerator, only without the
  need for your electric company. In fact the only
  electric company this refrigerator needs is located
  93 million miles away and the company is known as
  ediSUN !

Perfect for continuous refrigeration following an
  Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane or Flood or following
  any natural disaster where you might lose power !

Perfect for applications where there is no power
  company, like cabins, boats or other types of off-grid

Perfect for refrigerating medical supplies which must be
  kept cold at all times.

The high quality compressors used in our solar powered

 refrigerators are manufactured by Danfoss, the world's

leading manufacturer of high reliability refrigeration


High quality solar powered refrigerator and freezer compressors

Danfoss is a world leader in the manufacture of refrigeration products. Founded in in 1933 Danfoss employs approximately 18,000 people worldwide with more than 54 factories in 20 different countries. They care about the environment which is why Danfoss factories are certified to ISO 14001 international standards. You simply cannot buy a better product.

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